Find the one.

When searching for a home, remember to take your time. There is natural pressure involved in the home searching process and making a decision too quickly can result in missing out on the home that’s right for you. Approaching the buying process with the intention to ‘just get it over with’ can lead to missing an opportunity to find a home that is perfect for you.

Get pre-approved.

Getting pre-approved for your home loan is important. Some sellers require pre-approval before they will accept an offer. While it is not always required, it is considered a must by most experienced home buyers. It not only strengthens your potential offer by showing that you’re serious about purchasing. It gives you a clear map of what you can afford. This saves time in the searching process.




Plan ahead.

If you’re thinking of selling, work your way backwards from the day you get an offer. Ask questions like: How do you set your home apart? When is the best time to sell? What should I list my home for? Questions like these are also easy for a competent broker to answer, and that will help you choose who to list with.

Know your market.

Listing at different times of year can mean tens of thousands of dollars difference in selling price. Knowing who else is listing in your area means knowing exactly what your home is competing against. This affects how quickly your home sells, and what it sells for. Knowing your market could be the key factor in getting exactly what you ask for.